Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland

Sea trout & garfish on the Baltic Sea

Sea Trout
Spin fishing
From the boat
4 Persons
8 Hours

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Seatrout & Garfish on the Baltic Sea

Bridge the closed period?


For the months of March, April and May we offer guided fishing tours to the Baltic Sea -> Spin fishing for the queen of the Baltic Sea, the sea trout!
From May also for targeted fishing for garfish! Once the garfish have arrived in large numbers on the coast, the fast silver arrows offer fantastically entertaining fishing with guaranteed fighting fun!


For two people or more.
Wade fishing with a spinning rod

Duration - At least 8 hours

Additional Information

  • Meeting point: By arrangement and choice of water

  • Guest/water map: & Fishing tax stamp

  • Equipment: Is available

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When booking for 1 person 250€

When booking for 2 Persons 250€

When booking for 3 Persons 400€

When booking for 4 Persons 450€



  • Favorite fish:Perch, zander

  • Languages: German English

  • Been fishing since: 1999

About me: Everyone starts small - true to this motto, at the age of 2, I was already sitting on the Dutch canals with my bamboo rod and fishing for white fish with my father. This became too boring for me when I was in elementary school, so I looked through every fishing magazine I could get my hands on to find out how best to do it N a really big pike would be caught. This predatory fish fever still drives me to perfect my fishing today! The focus is clearly on perch and zander, supplemented by brown trout in spring and asp in summer. I turned my hobby into a career early on and have been working in the fishing industry for a good 10 years - so no trend ignores me and I can always keep equipment and techniques up to date. More information at: insta: bockauftock_angelguiding