Our Goal

With Catch A Guide we want to offer simplified and timely access to fishing guiding. With this we not only want to improve the digital organization and communication for guides and enable online bookings, but also open a new door for the fishing community. A simple exchange for individual guiding, flexible real-time bookings and comparability of offers in any region through direct user reviews are in the foreground.

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Why Catch A Guide?

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    Are you looking for inexpensive support on the water to refine your fishing technique or to catch a specific target fish? With us you will find passionate anglers who will effectively lead you to success through their experience and take you to the next level without having to pay a fortune.

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    As a guide, you can pass on your accumulated knowledge about target fish, types of water, locations and the choice of bait to inexperienced or inquisitive fishing colleagues. Meet new acquaintances and expand your network. Whether you just want to cover this additional effort financially or make a small profit is of course up to you. You can also design your guiding individually and offer it on dates, waters and times of day that you specify.

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