Jonstorp, Schweden

Full day - fishing guiding along the coast from Skälderviken to Kullaberg

Pike, Mackerel, Sea Trout, Pollock
Spin fishing, Boat fishing, Fly fishing
From the boat
5 Persons
10 Hours

About this guiding

Full day 10-12 hours: life jackets, fishing equipment, coffee, sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, coffee, drinks and accessories (soft drinks), fuel, chewing gum/motion sickness tablets , tour, cleaning the fish, feel free to bring a cool box with ice packs, but leave them in the car until we arrive at the port. We have a fish storage in the boat to keep the fish fresh and beautiful.

We start from Jonstorp harbor and fish for sea trout, herring, pike, pollock and mackerel along the fantastic and picturesque stretch of coast along Skälderviken up to Kullensfyr, where we also look for the unique mountain cod and beautiful ;encounter a fishery along the high cliffs where Vikings and pirates once lived.

A magical experience that you will never forget as we float in the boat past the caves and the beautiful rocks, which in some places reach a depth of 28 m. We are also often visited by porpoises and seals up close. Yes, sometimes so close that you can almost pet the porpoises, we have also had tuna of around 30-40 cm in the boat and now we have also seen the mighty walrus a few times recently.


You can take the fish home with you if you want it. I'll clean it for you right in the boat. If you want, you can also learn how to clean fish. The children usually find this interesting too. During our fishing trip, the fish will be kept in a cool box under my careful supervision. Please bring your own cooler and ice clips to safely transport the fish home. However, leave the cooler in the car until we arrive at the port, as we have a place to store fish in the boat.


Additional Information

  • Meeting point: Jonstorp, Sweden

  • Guest/water map: No

  • Equipment: Is available

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When booking for 1 person 431€

When booking for 2 Persons 560€

When booking for 3 Persons 690€

When booking for 4 Persons 775€

When booking for 5 Persons 862€



  • Favorite fish:Rainbow trout, sea trout, mackerel

  • Languages: English, Swedish, Yugoslavian, Danish, Norwegian

  • Been fishing since: 1981

About me: I offer fishing trips in southern Sweden, where we fish for sea trout, mackerel, pike, perch, pike and salmon, among other things. I also offer guided tours in various “put and take” waters, float fishing, fly casting courses and fly tying courses. In addition, I organize fishing events with up to 16 people in different formats Egenbogen camps in Sweden, where we fish for rainbow trout, salmon and char.