Jonstorp, Schweden

Sea trout fishing from a boat

Mackerel, Sea Trout, Sea Bass
Spin fishing, Boat fishing
From the boat
3 Persons
6 Hours

About this guiding

Welcome to a wonderful fishing adventure from the boat.
We fish between 6 and 8 hours depending on the weather and wind, it can also take longer, but at least 6 hours.

Seatrout season begins on the West Coast on April 1st and then we will be fishing all season long using spinning and fly fishing equipment from boats along the beautiful coastline. ste in SkÃlderviken and up to the cliffs of Kullaberg!

Included in the price: coffee/drink/coffee/rolls, fly/spin fishing equipment if you do not have your own fishing equipment.

If bait/flies/rods/reels are lost, the same prices will be charged as the products cost at the end of the day in a sportfishing shop. If desired, it is also possible to buy products from us to buy on the boat.

There may be by-catches such as pike, mackerel, sea bass, cod and flatfish, but it's also just fun to tease these species.
Per person A maximum of 2 sea trout with a minimum size of 45 cm can be taken home.
Mackerel Max. 50 per person.
Flatfish max. 20 pieces.

Cod & Sea bass is “catch and release” for us, i.e. H. he is unhooked in the water and regains his freedom.

All fish are cleaned by us, and we can also teach you how to clean fish if you wish. In addition, you will receive a lot of interesting information about sea trout with tips and tricks for your future fishing with spinners or flies.


Bring your own cooler and comfortable clothing. Sea trout guiding is available from April 1st – September 30th!


Additional Information

  • Meeting point: Jonstorp, Sweden

  • Guest/water map: No

  • Equipment: Is available

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When booking for 1 person 257€

When booking for 2 Persons 343€

When booking for 3 Persons 428€



  • Favorite fish:Rainbow trout, sea trout, mackerel

  • Languages: English, Swedish, Yugoslavian, Danish, Norwegian

  • Been fishing since: 1981

About me: I offer fishing trips in southern Sweden, where we fish for sea trout, mackerel, pike, perch, pike and salmon, among other things. I also offer guided tours in various “put and take” waters, float fishing, fly casting courses and fly tying courses. In addition, I organize fishing events with up to 16 people in different formats Egenbogen camps in Sweden, where we fish for rainbow trout, salmon and char.