Aalst, Niederlande

1 day of predator guiding in NL with guide and boat

Perch, Pike, Catfish, Zander
River, Lake
Spin fishing, Boat fishing
From the boat
3 Persons
12 Hours
Included in the guiding
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Lures
  • Drinks
  • Fuel
  • Snack
  • Lunch / Dinner

About this guiding

1 - All-in day tours - boat fishing, livescopes and meals - all inclusive

The following services are included:

I, your guide (always in a good mood) will be there for you for 12 hours with an aluminum boat! I am your captain.
Brema 510 V Edge professional aluminum boat, 5.20m long, 2.20m wide, equipped with the latest technology. Environmentally conscious electric motor Epropulsion Navy 6.0 with 9.9 HP including 9 hand-cast Real Shads rubber fish from MIKATECH, which you receive for FREE. Equipment such as vertical rods and spinning rods of the best quality are sufficiently available! You too should only be able to fish with the best material if you don't own it yourself!

The following fishing methods can be used as desired: classic jigging, rig fishing (DS, Kickbag, Free Rig), vertical fishing & pelagic fishing with Garmin Livescope Panoptix technology, trolling with wobblers and large baits, trolling at night and much more!
Our boat is moored in Aalst between Waal and Maas on the dammed Maas in the harbor of the Recreatiepark het Esmeer. Fishing takes place on the Maas, in the lake, in the dammed Maas or on the Waal. Experience 12 great hours with me on the boat in water that is very rich in fish, where zander, perch and pike anglers will get their money's worth. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

The tours always take place on one day between Tuesday and Sunday.

The following dates are still available until the end of the season (as of January 30, 2024):

February: February 13th - February 15th, February 27th - February 29th

March: March 1st - March 3rd, March 5th - March 7th, March 8th - March 10th, March 12th - March 14th, March 15th - March 17th, March 19th - March 21st

Closed season: March 22nd - May 30th

More information about the guiding and pictures can be found at:

Information about the boat

Brema 510V Edge

Additional Information

  • Meeting point: Zaaiwaard 3, 5308 JK Aalst, Netherlands

  • Guest/water map: & Whipped

  • Equipment: Is available

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When booking for 1 person 200€

When booking for 2 Persons 300€

When booking for 3 Persons 400€



  • Favorite fish:Zander

  • Languages: German, Polish, English

  • Been fishing since: 1989

About me: Here you can find out everything you need to know about my zander guidings in the Netherlands. With over 15 years of guiding experience (full-time!), I would like to offer you an unforgettable experience on board or while fishing on the bank. You can find our handmade artificial baits made in Germany in my online shop at www.raubfischfreund.de Cover. Waal, Maas, dammed Maas and various lakes are the waters that we will fish together. That all depends on what your target fish is! Whether from the shore or from the boat, we offer you everything, including an overnight stay in our great chalet with me, the guide. So I'm always there with you and on the move with you!