24211 Preetz, Deutschland

Meerforellenguiding Tobias Seeger

Sea Trout
Spin fishing, Fly fishing
From the shore
3 Persons
7 Hours
Included in the guiding
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About this guiding

Sea trout fishing that certain something.
A 7-hour day of fishing awaits you with me in the middle of the elements, waiting with a lot of hard work and perseverance for the strike on the spinning rod. The sea trout is known by many anglers as the fish of 1000 casts, but it is certainly not if you take a few factors and conditions into account.
On our day of fishing together, I will calmly show you everything from tying a leader to interpreting important structures and current edges. I have the right bait on board and if you would like to hold one of these beautiful fish in your hand, please contact me 🎣😃🍀

Additional Information

  • Meeting point: I will inform you of the meeting point 2 days in advance.

  • Miscellaneous: Rod and reel can also be rented on request for a fee of €10.0

  • Guest/water map: & Fishing tax for Schleswig-Holstein

  • Equipment: Spinning rod 2.70-3.15 meters. Casting weight approx. 10-40 grams. Roll stationary 3 or 4000 size with 8 compartment braid between 7-9kg functional waders are mandatory

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When booking for 1 person 165€

When booking for 2 Persons 330€

When booking for 3 Persons 450€



  • Favorite fish:Meerforelle

  • Languages: German English

  • Been fishing since: 1996

About me: Good Morning. I have been Tobias and Angel since I was 10 years old. I have been an active sport fisherman in the Schleswig-Holstein regional association for 22 years. For about 10 years my absolute specialty has been spin fishing on the coast for sea trout. This beautiful fish simply has a very special meaning for me, because it is not always He's so easy to catch. However, if you take a few conditions into account, it is by no means the fish of 1000 casts! I would be happy to help you succeed in fishing for this very special fish. 🎣🐟




October 26, 2023

Der Tag mit Tobi am Wasser war sehr Lehrreich und es wurden alle Fragen beantwortet. Beim Angeln auf Meerforelle erklärt Tobi das Fischen von Stellenwahl bis hin zu köderführung. Noch dazu konnten wir ein paar Fische fangen, die den Tag perfekt machten.

Bewertung: 5