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Two-handed fly fishing - beginners course in Berlin

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Fishing course on land
Fly fishing
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5 Persons
5 Hours
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About this guiding

Fly fishing with a two-handed rod is traditionally used primarily for salmon fishing (e.g. in Canada or Scandinavia). But here in Germany, this fly fishing technique is also being used more and more frequently (e.g. in Huchen fly fishing or in “Trout Skagit”). So if you have a salmon fishing holiday coming up soon or you just want to improve your two-handed fly fishing technique, our two-handed fly fishing courses are the perfect way to get started.

With the help of clear course equipment, simple practical exercises and many years of course experience, the fly fishing instructors at FLYURS help beginners and advanced fly fishermen to improve their casting technique with the two-handed rod!

The aim of our two-handed fly fishing courses is to teach you fly fishing with a two-handed rod effectively, with lots of fun and in as short a time as possible. We help you to gain in-depth background knowledge: For example, when and why you should fish with which fly, which device is best suited for which area of ​​application and which technique is the easiest way to get your fly to its destination.
We would also be happy to give you helpful purchasing recommendations (for purchasing your first two-handed fly fishing equipment). So that you can not only cast independently with the two-handed rod, but also get your first salmon on the line on your next fishing holiday (with a bit of luck).
So you see: In this way you can learn fly fishing with a two-handed rod quickly and easily!

Organization & process: Two-handed fly rod courses:
The location and course date of our two-handed fly fishing courses are always individually coordinated with you. You can find an overview of our course locations below. The course equipment is provided by the guides. The course duration is at least 5 hours. If both sides are interested (from Guest&Guide), this can possibly be extended. Please note, however, that the two-handed fly fishing courses are not about catching big fish, but rather the focus is on teaching/improving your casting technique with the two-handed fly rod. Because only those who can cast properly will have long-term success with two-handed fly fishing!

Additional Information

  • Meeting point: Meeting point by arrangement

  • Miscellaneous: The course duration is at least 5 hours. Your guide will of course bring you all rental equipment etc. with you to the course.

  • Guest/water map: No

  • Equipment: Is available

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  • Favorite fish:Pike, zander, trout, grayling, chub, barb

  • Languages: German English

  • Been fishing since: 2013

About me: The FLYRUS fly fishing school was founded in Berlin in 2013 by two young students (Ole and Simon). Over the next few years, the fly fishing school continued to grow - and more and more full-blooded fly fishermen from all over the country joined the FLYRUS network, so that FLYRUS soon became the first fly fishing school E was which offered fly fishing courses and fly fishing guiding throughout Germany. And even though Ole and Simon are no longer quite as young, they have managed to build FLYRUS into the largest fly fishing school in Germany. There are now over 50 experienced fly fishing instructors from all over Germany guiding for FLYRUS (with expertise in a wide variety of subject areas - and for a wide variety of fish species).