Predator fishing whole day (approx 8 hours)

  • Dauer

    8 Std.
  • Max. Gäste

  • Ort

    Älmhult, Älmhult, Sweden
  • Zielfisch/e: Hecht , Zander

  • Angel Art: Aktiv

  • Technik: Spinnfischen, Bootsangeln

  • Ufer / Boot: Vom Boot

  • Gewässer Typ: Fluss , See

  • Gast-/Gewässerkarte: Nein

  • Equipment: wird bereitgestellt


  • Lieblingsfisch: Hecht, Karpf und Zander

  • Sprachen: English, Danish, Swedish and a bit of German

  • Angelt seit: 38

Über mich: In 1984 my school arranged a fishing trip at a local lake near my home town of Taastrup Denmark. It was a brisk day in the fall and not a single fish was caught by anyone from school......but a bit further down the bank was a guy who was pulling fish out like it was the easiest thing on earth. One after the other. Not monsters but clearly he knew s...


There is no denying it. Predator fishing is crazy good in this area. There are the big lakes and river systems with potential monsters in them. Then there are the smaller hidden venues and they, well they also have potential monsters in them. 

I have ready made packages for lake Möckeln here. But my boats are on trailers and we can fish a wide array of venues. For bigger lakes like Möckeln we use the 5.5 m Kimple Adventure that takes up to 4 guests and for smaller venues we use the 4.5 m Gregor for 1 or 2 guests. 

In targeting pike we usually cast rubber or hard lures using marine electronics to locate ares holding active fish. The aggressiveness of a pike charging your lure is an adrenaline rush second to nothing. I always have an eye on the Garmin livescope system and when a big fish comes into sight I will direct your casts towards it. As for targeting big zander we can also use the system to find big fish. A good old technique is also trolling big rubber lures. I sometimes combine this with dead-baiting as this often result nice bonus fish. I rarely do fly-fishing, but as a fly-fishing enthusiast you are more than welcome on my boats.

For zander, we use fishfinders for localisation and either traditional jigging and casting or we target big fish using the Garmin Livescope system often in combination with "coffee break trolling". In general, we can combine techniques and target species to fit your dreams.


Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Verpflegung: Bring your own food and beverages

  • Treffpunkt: depends on the venue - we will decide together

  • Sonstiges: Price includes gear (you are welcome to bring your own also), safety equipment and fishing licence. But excludes lost end gear during casting and for some venues far from Älmhult a boat transport fee of up to 40 Euros

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