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Pike & perch guiding on the Bodden

Perch, Pike
Boat fishing, Spin fishing
From the boat
4 Persons
9 Hours
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About this guiding

The pike is without question the heraldic fish of the Western Pomeranian Bodden waters; in no other European area are so many fish between 100-120 cm caught. In the meantime, more and more Swedish, Finnish and Danish anglers are coming to the Bodden; one can speak of a real hype among the Scandinavians. This fact is due to the high number of large pike in combination with good infrastructure. This represents the international importance of the area.
It is not surprising that almost 50% of the tours for the Bodden-Angeln team focus on spin fishing for pike. We have specialized in catching the largest possible specimens and do not attach much importance to the number of specimens. This means that, with a few exceptions, baits larger than 15 cm are used and are not taken into areas with 50-size pike. We respond individually to the wishes of our customers - not only professionals but also beginners are expressly welcome. Don't be afraid to question things.

Similar to the zander, the perch is overshadowed by the heraldic animal of the Bodden, the pike. You can have a lot of fun with the Bodden bass. Both the number of pieces and the size are often correct. It is important to fish specifically for the striped creatures. Incidentally, you can sometimes catch pike better with perch tackle than with targeted pike fishing.
Especially if fry of whitefish and young herring are on the menu. Zander are also common bycatch in some areas. Only the often strong wind can cause some frustration when bass fishing. So if you want to get your fill of fishing or want to play a few hard-fighting Bodden bass in the 40 cm+ class, you should consider a targeted bass trip.

A good guide increases the chances of success, but having several good guides in a team is a completely different matter. Only the Bodden-Angeln team can offer you this around Rügen. The constant exchange between our guides gives us an exclusive overview of the current catches, bait, bait guides and fishing depths. This ensures our guests have a significantly higher chance of success. We live our name here.

Many anglers have improved their skills and learned new methods while fishing in the lagoon, but above all they have gained confidence in what they do, which has also had a positive effect on the results on their home waters. The guidings are like small seminars where you learn a lot about the fish, fishing methods and modern echo sounding technology. Rubber fish fishing, especially with large baits, has set trends in Europe starting from the Bodden. This is where the crème de la crème of pike fishing meets.

Season pike:
All year round except closed season (01.03. - 30.04.)

Device recommendations-Hecht:
Heavy spinning rods from 50-100g, better still 50-150g (SHIMANO Biomaster Shad Select) up to big bait rods with 4000 stationary reels or 301 multi-reels with 13-15 kg braided line (Power Pro and STROFT GTP), steel leader is preferable to hard mono.< br />
Season Perch:
all year round (core time Peenestrom: July to October; Westrügen Bodden: mid-May, August-October; Strelasund: September-November; Baltic Sea: June-August)

Device recommendations-Perch:
10-40g (sometimes lighter) rod in 2.10-2.40 m with 2500-3000 reel and 5-8 kg line (Power Pro and Suffix), steel leader with 5kg load capacity is mandatory.

Information about the boat

Die 19 ft Kaasboll`s sind mit 70 PS Suzuki-Motoren ausgerüstet. Die Boote wurden nach unseren Vorstellungen als multifunktionelles Trolling- und Wurfangelboot gebaut. Sie laufen ca. 27 kn und es kann ohne Probleme mit 5 Mann geangelt werden. Die Technik besteht aus einem Farbecholot, einem Farbplotter und einem Hand-GPS. Alle Geräte sind von der Firma LOWRANCE. Als Autopiloten sind Raymarine S 1000 und EVO 100 verbaut.

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  • Favorite fish:Pike, zander, perch, sea trout

  • Languages: German English

  • Been fishing since: 1999

About me: The “Team Bodden-Angeln” offers a wide-ranging program for the ambitious predator angler. The aim is to make your fishing trip around the island of Rügen as pleasant and eventful as possible. The focus is on personal contact with our guests. Reliability , straightforwardness, camaraderie and fai Rness are our most important pillars. In addition, there is the careful use (sustainability) of natural resources. We can now look back on many years of experience in professional guiding and arranging fishing trips. The Bodden-Angeln (TBA) team was founded in 2001 by Mathias Fuhrmann and Jens Feißel. From wade fishing to our exclusive boat tours, we appeal to every active angler who loves sea and predator fishing. But you can also book combined fishing and family holidays in beautiful nature. We welcome beginners and professionals alike. Individual wishes are fulfilled as far as possible. The guides practice their unusual job with heart and soul and live it with passion. It's always a nice feeling to help a guest find the "fish of life" and to see the sparkle in their eyes.